Friday, February 10, 2012

Bend the Rules Day

March 7 and 28!
The cost to bend each rule is $1 or $5 for an all day pass to break all six rules at once
wrist bands will be pre-sold the week before. We will also be selling popcorn for $0.25 that day.

Rules you can break...if they pay for it!
1. Extra 10 min of recess
2. 15 minutes free time in the computer lab or library
3. wear a hat
4. 1 missing assignment can be waived...No TESTS!
5. sit anywhere in the lunchroom, at any table
6. eat a snack in class

VOLUNTEERS needed in order to make bend the rules day a success! We are also looking for volunteers to help at Harmons PTA day, field day, next year's PTAS board, and more! Please contact Jennifer Miller, our volunteer coordinator, at

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